Psalm 3: Psalms in a Time of Sickness

Psalm 3

O Lord, so much troubles us. So much is rising up against us.                                                                         Danger is crowding us, pursuing us.

Many say that you will not help us.                                        But we proclaim that you are our only hope.     You are our shield. You are our glory.                                                               You alone can lift up our heads,                                                                           now bowed in shame and sorrow.

We cry out to you, O Lord.                                                                                  You hear us from your holy dwelling place. Then we lay down and sleep in peace                                                        and wake up safely, for you are watching over us.                                                                                                             

Though surrounded by ten thousand evils on every side,        we are not afraid. We cry to you, “Arise, O Lord!” Save us, O God. Disempower all that threatens us.                                  Leave our enemies powerless to harm us.                                                       

Victory comes from you, O Lord. Give us joy even in the midst of our trials;                                                               open our eyes to our blessings.


Psalms in a Time of Sickness: Psalm 2

Why, O God, are there swarms and gatherings? Why do we rage and revolt?
Instead of serving God and God’s people, we seek our own ways and our own good. Earth’s leaders–those of power and position– are deaf to the counsel of those who heed the signs and to the danger to body and soul.

Without you, even working together is madness. You have crowned your Son King of the earth on your holy hill, granting him all power and majesty. You reveal your purposes through him.
We bow before him, listening while there is still time. We serve you with reverent fear. We rejoice with trembling. We fall down before your Son and kiss his feet. Save us from your wrath. Grant us the joy that only comes from trusting in you. Amen.

Psalms in a Time of Sickness: Psalm 1

Psalm 1: Psalms in a Time of Sickness

O God, bless us by making us more and more your people.

Keep us from following the bad advice of those who aren’t seeking you.

Redirect us away from the paths taken by those who don’t listen to you.

Free us from sitting with those who disbelieve the truth

    and scorn compassion.

Let us delight in you: in your Word and your teachings.

Fill our hearts, minds, and souls with you every hour of the day and night.

Plant us by your streams of living water. Grow us into trees rooted in you.

Make us fruitful according to your time and plan.

Let us flourish as your people, following your way,

    without withering or faltering.

Those who don’t follow you are like chaff driven by the wind.

They cannot withstand judgment.

They do not stand with the congregation of the righteous.

Their way perishes.

Chart the path for us, O God.

Watch over us on the way, O Lord, to you.

May your way guide our feet,

    and our paths help others find their way.

In the name of Jesus, our Guide and Pioneer, Amen.

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