Worship Words: April 18, 2021

Psalm 4 Paraphrase by Barb Hedges-Goettl                                                                                                                                                      

God, you are right and just and true.

When I call with a loud cry,

    You answer me.

You widen the straits of distress

   that bind and besiege me.

When my world is small, narrow, and cramped,

  You give me room to breathe.

When I am stuck between a rock and hard place,

   You let me loose in your broad, wide pasture.

You bend to me in kindness and mercy,

    understanding my prayer.

How long will people hurt God’s reputation

     and damage God’s honor and glory?

How long will we love empty words,

     seeking lies and requiring falsehoods,

     and yearning after worthless things?

Set us aside for yourself, O Lord.

     Make us your good and faithful ones,

     Your kind and godly ones,

     Your saints by Your mercy.

O Lord, hear me when I call to you.

When I am trembling and quivering,

       Agitated and disturbed,

       Angry and disquieted,

       Worried and anxious,

             Keep me from sin.

Inspire me to meditate on you at night.

    Put me to bed and tuck me in with your comfort.

    Whisper to the ears of my heart, that I may hear you.

    Quiet and calm me in my whole being.

I confess my dependence on you.

    Enable me to wait upon you

    With confidence and patience.

I offer myself in thanksgiving;

    I give myself to you because of your mercy.

    I respond to your love with love of my own.

    I respond to the all you give me

        With my all.

I put my trust in you.

    I hold out my hand for your hand.

    I offer my heart to your heart.

    I offer my mind to your purposes.

    I offer my body to your body.

Be my hope,

      my boldness,

      my security,

      my confidence,

             my God.

There are many who say:

       “Oh, that we might perceive some good!”

Shine your light upon us, O God!

        Make your presence dawn upon us.

Give us joy and gladness

        at our deepest heart of hearts–

Joy greater than a bountiful harvest

         or material riches.

Bestow gladness in our very being,

         A share in your joy.

We will lie down and sleep;

         We will be stilled and remain at peace,

         dwelling in God’s house,

         where we can safely lie down.

Thanks be to God.

Opening Prayer(adapted from Psalm 4) by Barb Hedges-Goettl

My God,

Be my hope,

      my boldness,

      my security,

      my confidence,

My God.

Call to Worship (adapted from Psalm 4) by Barb Hedges-Goettl

There are many who say:

       “Oh, that we might perceive some good!”

Shine your light upon us, O God!

        Make your presence dawn upon us.

Give us joy and gladness

        at our deepest heart of hearts–

Joy greater than a bountiful harvest

         or material riches.

Bestow gladness in our very being,

         A share in your joy.

Confession of Faith in the Good News cf. Acts 3 (RCL) and Acts 6-7 (NL) by Barb Hedges-Goettl                                                                                                                         

We believe and receive the Good News. We experience God’s confounding of the evil of crucifixion with the grace of resurrection.  We participate in God’s conversion of mourning into dancing. We are dressed in grave clothes made over into glad rags. We are lifted up from the grave and given new life. God lifts us up from down-and-out to up-and-at-‘em. For this Good News, we give thanks to God. Amen.

Prayer of thanks for a witness by Barb Hedges-Goettl

God, we thank you that we have a witness. You bear witness to yourself:  You proclaim that we are made in your image, and that image is very good.Jesus proclaims love for all people, the sacrificial love of a Shepherd for the sheep.The Spirit proclaims you with sighs too deep for words.

O God, we thank you that we have a witness. Witnesses have come before us: Prophets proclaim your justice for all people, rolling down like waters. The women at the tomb proclaim your confounding of evil and death through the resurrection. Astounding the crowd by healing the lame, Peter witnesses to forgiveness and resurrection. Condemned by false witnesses, Stephen witnesses to the Son of Man and forgiveness.

O God, we thank you that we have a witness. Witnesses are all around us:Give us ears to hear voices long silenced, peoples whose experiences challenge and correct our own. Fill our hearts with love for the diverse ways in which you speak, that we know and hear your word through each person’s own experience, and so honor your image and your presence in each one we meet.

O God, we thank you that we have a witness. Make us witnesses going forward, sharing what we have known, what we have heard:  your love, your hope, and the Good News of the resurrected life  redeemed from evil, death and all that would separate us from you and from one another.

In Jesus’ name and by the power of the Spirit we pray, Amen.

The below are from Rev. Katy Stenta, see

Prayers for Acts 6: Stoning of Stephen

Acts 6:1-7:2, 44-60

Suggest Pairing Isaiah 66:1-2, 22-23

Call to Worship (based on Isaiah 66:13-14, ) 

God promises, asa  mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you

We shall see, and our hearts shall rejoice. 

Come let us pray for the Lord, for God is Good. 

Come let all flesh give God Thanks and Praise. 

Prayer of Confession: God, we confess that we find comfort in tradition. We have struggled throughout this year as so many things have had to change. Walk with us this spring and we try to understand what it is we need to keep, and what it is we can leave behind. Help us to choose, always and forever, the ways that lead us closer to your kingdom. In Christ’s name we pray. Amen 

Assurance of Pardon: God’s promises to remake heaven and earth in God’s forgiveness. Let us share the good news with one another: In Jesus Christ we are forgiven.

Prayer of Dedication: (unison) Lord, let us go forth giving thanks for all that is good. Place praise for you on our lips and on our tongues, that others might see and know and understand your love. In Christ’s name we pray. Amen.

Hymns: Morning Has Broken, Jesu Jesus Fill Us with Your Love, Called as Partners to Christ’s Service, Great is Thy Faithfulness, Amazing Grace,

Narrative Lectionary for Pentecost: Acts 2:1-4 & 1 Corinthians 12:1-13 Resources: Bulletin (sermon to follow)

Worship Without Walls

Pentecost                                                                May 31, 2020  

Facebook:      Trinity United Presbyterian Church    Clifton Heights

Prelude   There’s a Sweet, Sweet Spirit in This Place[1]

Opening Prayer[2]

Pentecost us, God.

Inspire us to shed the comfortable accents of churchy insider talk.

Teach us to speak digital. Enable us to worship virtually.
Fit our mouths to something strange, speaking through a mask of love–.
Conjugate the Spirit in and through us. Empower our worry,                                                                                               like the worry of those who waited in the Upper Room so long ago,
to lead us to the active voice of love—mostly verbs, present tense,

not passive voice–and not many possessive pronouns.

Call to Worship[3]

Come Spirit like rain, refresh, renew, revitalize.

Come Spirit like fire, embolden, enlighten, enable.

Come Spirit like a mighty wind, move, challenge, enkindle.

Come Spirit like a wave, move, tear down, lift up.

Come Spirit, come Breath, draw us close, make song, bring intimacy.

Come Spirit, come Love, make one, make justice, make peace.

Come Spirit, come Kingdom, come Love.


*Opening Hymn Come, O Spirit, Dwell Among Us[4]

First-Plymouth Church, Lincoln, Nebraska

Come, O Spirit, dwell among us, Come with Pentecostal fire;

Give the church a stronger vision, Help us face each crucial hour.

Built upon a firm foundation, Jesus Christ, the Cornerstone,

Still the church is called to mission That God’s love shall be made known.

We would raise our alleluias For the grace of yesteryears

For tomorrow’s unknown pathway, Hear, O Lord, our humble prayers.

In the church’s pilgrim journey You have led us all the way

Still in presence move before us, Fire by night and cloud by day.

Come, O Spirit, dwell among us; Give us words of fire and flame.

Help our feeble lips to praise You, Glorify Your holy name

Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Three in one: what mystery!

We would sing our loud hosannas Now and through eternity.

Call to Confession:  

Let us ask for God’s forgiveness for the ways we do not heed the Spirit.

Prayer of Confession:1  
O God, when we let the Spirit deflate, forgive us.

When we lose the Spirit of love or hope, of liveliness or adventure,

of tenderness or courage, forgive us.

When we do not breathe inspiration into all your people, or when we puncture joy,

forgive us.

When we let go of the church just because it isn’t exactly as we wish it,

forgive us.  (Silent confession)

Assurance of Pardon

God is merciful and gracious – a patch to our leaking faith,

the helium lifting us into joy —
the breath for all who are suffocating.

Thanks be to God for the Good News:

In Jesus Christ, we are forgiven.

Gloria Patri: (Blue #579) Glory Be to the Father

Sharing of the Peace: The peace of Christ be with you.             And also with you.

Prayers of the People/Lord’s Prayer (traditional)                       

Celebration of Birthdays and Anniversaries                                       

Offering Hymn  Spirit[5]                                                                  Kristina Ahlstrom

REFRAIN: Spirit, Spirit of gentleness,

blow through the wilderness, calling and free.

Spirit, Spirit of restlessness, stir me from placidness, Wind, Wind on the sea.You moved on the waters, you called to the deep,
then you coaxed up the mountains from the valleys of sleep,
and over the eons you called to each thing:
Awake from your slumbers and rise on your wings. REFRAINYou swept through the desert, you stung with the sand,
and you goaded your people with a law and a land,
and when they were blinded with their idols and lies,
then you spoke through your prophets to open their eyes. REFRAIN

You sang in a stable, you cried from a hill,
then you whispered in silence when the whole world was still,
and down in the city you called once again,
when you blew through your people on the rush of the wind. REFRAINYou call from tomorrow, you break ancient schemes,
from the bondage of sorrow the captives dream dreams,
our women see visions, our men clear their eyes,
with bold new decisions your people arise. REFRAIN

* Doxology (Blue, #592)   Praise God, from Whom All Blessings Flow

* Prayer of Dedication

May the words of our mouths, the dedication of our hearts,

and the gifts of our time, talents and money be acceptable

and pleasing in your sight, O Lord, our rock and our redeemer. Amen.

Prayer for Illumination Though I May Speak[6]

Come, Spirit, come, our hearts control, Our spirits long to be made whole,

Let inward love guide ev’ry deed; By this we worship and are freed.

Scripture Reading: Acts 2:1-4; 1 Corinthians 12:1-13 (see end of bulletin)

Message Why the Spirit?                                                                    Pastor Barb                                  

Confession of Faith: The Brief Confession of Faith

We trust in God the Holy Spirit, everywhere the giver and renewer of life.
The Spirit justifies us by grace through faith,
sets us free to accept ourselves and to love God and neighbor,
and binds us together with all believers in the one body of Christ, the Church.

The same Spirit who inspired the prophets and apostles
rules our faith and life in Christ through Scripture,
engages us through the Word proclaimed, claims us in the waters of baptism,
feeds us with the bread of life and the cup of salvation,
and calls women and men to all ministries of the church.

In a broken and fearful world, the Spirit gives us courage
to pray without ceasing,

to witness among all peoples to Christ as Lord and Savior,
to unmask idolatries in Church and culture,

to hear the voices of peoples long silenced,
and to work with others for justice, freedom, and peace.

In gratitude to God, empowered by the Spirit,

we strive to serve Christ in our daily tasks
and to live holy and joyful lives,

even as we watch for God’s new heaven and new earth,

praying, “Come, Lord Jesus!”

*Closing Hymn God, Bless Your Church with Strength![7]

  1. God bless your church with strength! Wherever we may be,
    upbuild your servants as we work in common ministry.
    Urge us from fledgling faith to venture and to soar
    through open skies to sing the praise of Christ whom we adore (interlude)

    2. God bless your church with life! May all our branches thrive,
    un blemished, wholesome, bearing fruit, abundantly alive.
    From you, one holy vine, in freedom may we grow;
    sustain us in our mission, Lord, your love and peace to show.

(Longer interlude)

3. God bless your church with hope! Despite chaotic days,
may we in darkness shine to light a pathway through life’s maze.
May justice be our aim, and kindness ours to share;
in humbleness oh may we walk, assured our God is there! (end)

*Charge and Benediction                                                Pastors Barb and Len

Postlude The Lord Bless You and Keep You                Julliard Christian Fellowship 

[1] Words and Music – ©1990 Manna Music

[2] Adapted from a prayer by Maren

[3] By Martin Brown, posted on the CAFOD website. 

[4] Words: Doris Akers ©1979 Hope Publishing Company

[5] Words and Music: James K. Manley ©1978 J. Manley Publishing

[6] Words: Hal H. Hopson ©1972 Hope Publishing Company. y

[7] Words: John A. Dalles ©2000 GIA Publications, Inc. Music Diademata, George Elvey © OCP

All music reprinted with permission under ONE LICENSE #A-733426. All rights reserved.

Pandemic Gifts of the Spirit by Rev. Katy Stenta, from blog katyandtheword

Lord God Almighty, I am on my knees, with my arms outstretched to you,            because I am in need of all the gifts of the Holy Spirit

I need encouragement as a parent of a child                                                               who has been faking their online schooling for the last two weeks.

Patience as I wait for more information, so that my job can make the next decision about how we are running things this week.

Courage as I realize that every single person has their own idea about what is               and isn’t safe and we have to navigate relationships together.

Inspiration as I try to figure out how to connect with the people in my lives                           in new and not discouraging/draining ways.

Hope as death after death, sick after sick case comes in                                                   and the solution seems no closer than it was two months ago.

Breath as I am working too many hours of too many days                                                      and don’t know when it’s all going to end.

Love as all of my imperfections have been laid bare in this time                                  where self-examination is unavoidable                                                                       and all the things I’m carrying have been stuck in quarantine with me.

Lord remind me that I am more than my job or my role in my family                                      or my material worth.

Lord, remind me that I am God-breathed,                                                                      gifted by the Holy Spirit, and sibling of Jesus Christ.

In this time of crises–when every way I function is under a microscope                                 and every emotion I am having is magnified–allow me to fully discern                          and differentiate myself as a child of God.

And even if these aren’t exactly the things I need, and I am too mired to know what it is I really need.

Please grant me the gifts of the Holy Spirit, I pray.

And if I can’t pray to the Holy Spirit, help me to breathe:



and in

and out again

until the Holy Spirit prays me, instead.

In Christ’s name I pray. Amen.

Acts 3:1-10 bulletin and sermon



Cover photo:

NL: The Greatest Commandment and the Widow’s Mite: Mark 12:28-44 (March 22, 2020/Fourth Sunday of Lent)

Note: This passage raises questions about what Jesus means by noting the widow’s contribution. It is not clear whether he is commending her, condemning the authorities and/or both. We serve a congregation where we have many people living on fixed incomes in homes that are already paid for and who have very little, if any, “expendable” income, so caution and prayer are in order!  For a discussion of the pitfalls of the passage, see devouring the widows as primary to understanding “the widow’s mite”


From Working Preacher from the NL perspective:

Includes addressing the horizontal/neighbor dimension as the necessary corollary to the vertical/Godward directive to love God and the widow’s mite as admirable due to her motivation.

Includes which notes this is (for a change) a friendly scribe. Only addresses vv. 28-34. also addresses only vv.28-34 from the perspective of a communal (rather than individual) identity.

Includes, which notes that widow’s mite is tied to what comes before and, in addition to being about giving one’s all, it exposed the religious leaders for their hypocrisy. And, it may just expose us all! Podcast: If you can’t remember all the commandments, can you at least do two?  Simple—but not easy. vv. 28-34 Podcast addressing the status of the poor widow and the most vulnerable and her living out the loving of neighbor of the great commandment in the context of the temple & Jesus’ interactions with the religious leaders of the day. vv. 35-44.

Other exegetical resources Catholic resource addressing love beyond formalism, love at the heart of our perfection. This sermon includes an illustration and a poem; only addresses vv. 28-34. Sermon addressing loving God in the different ways of the passage (only vv. 28-34). What keeps you from loving your neighbor? Busyness? Not wanting to see need? Uses Bob Dylan’s quote:  “May you always do for others and let others do for you” and has a story illustrating letting others do for you.  “Serving while living with disabilities” Every person is called to serve as they are able. Everybody belongs. Everybody serves. Addresses vv. 35-44. Pastor’s Bible study addressing the synoptic versions of the Great Commandment. Addresses vv. 28-34. Sermon series on loving God and loving neighbor.

Liturgical Resources  Reader’s theater version of Mark 12:28-34

Here’s the link to my bulletin!AuB3z496aTHTgcEOBjQ3Twy3sqAMzQ

Prayer Reflection: Mark 12: 28-34

“Love the Lord, your God
with all your heart
with all your soul
and with all
your mind.”

let this be.
Show us how.

“And love your neighbor as yourself.”

let this be
Take us where
we surely need to go.

your love be
the lens that lets us see,
the power that enlivens our lives,
light that points to the path,
and the very grace
that saves

Kindly fill us with your love.

— A. Osdieck. Copyright © 2011, The Center for Liturgy at Saint Louis University. Visit that site for other lectionary-based prayers.

Benediction: The Lord is One

Here’s a closing commission and benediction based on Deuteronomy 6:4-5 and Matthew 12:28-34.  It was written by Nathan Nettleton.

Commission & Benediction

(inspired by Deuteronomy 6:4-5, Matthew 12:28-34)

Hear this: the Lord our God is the one and only Lord.
Therefore go out into the world
and love the Lord your God 
with all your heart, soul, mind and strength,
and love others as you love yourself.

And may God give you justice and freedom;
May Christ Jesus set you free for love;
and may the Holy Spirit go where you go
……..and protect you on your way.

We go in peace to love and serve the Lord,
In the name of Christ. Amen.

~ Copyright © 2000 Nathan Nettleton

Children’s message (includes hymn & prayer of confession, see below)

 Sing one song with which to love God and one about loving each other.  Introduce each identifying its purpose.  Two possibilities:

“For the Beauty of the Earth” for loving God

“Lord Help Us Accept Each Other” for loving each other

>  Base the Prayer of Confession on the two great commandments.  As you do, remember that children respond more to specifics than to generalities.  So you may want to name the currently “in” sport rather than simply “our sports.”  Read the commandments just before the congregation prays as follows

Lord God, we know that you are ONE and that you are the center of the whole universe

but we treat all sorts of things as if

they were more important than the one true God.

We say we give our hearts to you

but often our hearts are more devoted to

what we wear, to our sports, and to our friends.

We pour out our souls to you when we need you

but not when life is smooth and easy.

We mean to love you with all our minds

but our minds stray to what we want

and what others are saying.

We are more likely to use our strength to get what we need and want

than to get what you want for us and those around us.

We love the neighbors we choose to love

and only when they love us back.

Forgive us.  Write your commands on our hearts and souls and in our minds.  Work it into our muscles so that we may truly be your people.

We pray in the name of Jesus who poured out his heart and soul and mind and strength for us and forgives us when we turn on him.  Amen.


Christ is made the sure foundation   ELW 645, H82 518, NCH 400, UMH 559
Blessing and Honor   ELW 854

A new source I just found for contemporary Christian songs that includes the NL passages can be found at:;%20Psalm%2089:1-4%7D

For this pericope, they list:

No Other Gods

By David Moffitt. As performed by ZOE Group.

Related to verse(s): Mark 12:28-34
Related to tags(s): Reign (via Mark 12:36);


Love the Lord

By Lincoln Brewster.

Related to verse(s): Mark 12:30; Mark 12:33
Related to tags(s): Love (via Mark 12:30);


Hear Our Song

By Jadon Lavik, Marc Byrd, et al.

Related to verse(s): Psalm 89:1-2


Pour My Love On You

By Dan Dean, Gary Sadler.

Related to verse(s): Psalm 89:1
Related to tags(s): Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42); Love (via Mark 12:30);


Sing Of Your Great Love

By Darlene Zschech.

Related to verse(s): Psalm 89:1
Related to tags(s): Love (via Mark 12:30);


Look To You

By Marty Sampson.

Related to verse(s): Mark 12:32
Related to tags(s): Love (via Mark 12:30);


While We Still Have Time

By Ted Wortham, Cynthia Biggs. As performed by Cindy & Roy.

Related to verse(s): Mark 12:38
Related to tags(s): Love (via Mark 12:30);


You Are The One

By Keith Green, Melody Green-Sievright.

Related to verse(s): Psalm 89:2
Related to tags(s): Love (via Mark 12:30);


More Love More Power

By Jude Del Hierro.

Related to verse(s): Mark 12:30
Related to tags(s): Love (via Mark 12:30);


I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever

By Martin Smith. As performed by Delirious?, SONICFLOOd, Encounter Worship Band.

Related to verse(s): Psalm 89:1
Related to tags(s): Love (via Mark 12:30);


You Are Mine

By Brad Avery, David Carr, et al. As performed by Third Day.

Related to tags(s): Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42); Faithfulness (via Psalm 89:1; Mark 12:30); Love (via Mark 12:30);


Come Now is the Time to Worship

By Brian Doerksen.

Related to verse(s): Mark 12:30


Beautiful Saviour

By Stuart Townend.

Related to verse(s): Psalm 89:1


Winter Snow

By Audrey Assad.

Related to verse(s): Mark 12:33


Back where i belong

As performed by Life Worship.

Related to verse(s): Psalm 89:4


To Know Your Name

By Matt Crocker. As performed by Hillsong.

Related to tags(s): Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42); Mercy (via Psalm 89:1); Love (via Mark 12:30); Name of Jesus (via Mark 12:35);


Concrete Castle King

By Lloyd Oliver Willis Sr.. As performed by Dennis Brown.

Related to verse(s): Mark 12:38


No Greater Love

By Audrey Assad, Chris Tomlin, et al.

Related to tags(s): Poverty (via Mark 12:41); Love (via Mark 12:30); Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42);


Kings & Queens

By Chuck Butler, Joel Parisien, et al. As performed by Audio Adrenaline.

Related to tags(s): Poverty (via Mark 12:41); Social Justice (via Mark 12:31; Mark 12:40); Love (via Mark 12:30);


If We Are The Body

By Mark Hall.

Related to tags(s): Social Justice (via Mark 12:31; Mark 12:40); Mercy (via Psalm 89:1); Love (via Mark 12:30);


Compassion Hymn

By Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty, et al.

Related to tags(s): Social Justice (via Mark 12:31; Mark 12:40); Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42);


God Of Justice

By Tim Hughes.

Related to tags(s): Social Justice (via Mark 12:31; Mark 12:40); Poverty (via Mark 12:41); Justice (via Mark 12:31);


The Lost are Found

By Ben Fielding, Sam Knock.

Related to tags(s): Social Justice (via Mark 12:31; Mark 12:40); Mercy (via Psalm 89:1); Justice (via Mark 12:31);


One Thing Remains (Your Love Never Fails)

By Brian Johnson, Christa Black, et al. As performed by Kristian Stanfill, Jesus Culture, Bethel Live.

Related to tags(s): Love (via Mark 12:30); Faithfulness (via Psalm 89:1; Mark 12:30);


Lead Me

By Chris Rohman, Jason Ingram, et al.

Related to tags(s): Love (via Mark 12:30); Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42);


The Power Of The Cross

By Keith Getty, Stuart Townend.

Related to tags(s): Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42); Love (via Mark 12:30);



By Vicky Beeching.

Related to tags(s): Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42); Love (via Mark 12:30);


Oh, Great Love Of God

By David Crowder, Mark Waldrop, et al. As performed by David Crowder Band.

Related to tags(s): Love (via Mark 12:30); Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42);


My Hope

By Edward Mote, Matt Redman, et al.

Related to tags(s): Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42); Name of Jesus (via Mark 12:35);


This Is How We Know

By Beth Redman, Matt Redman.

Related to tags(s): Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42); Love (via Mark 12:30);


Ancient Skies

By Michael Gungor, Michael Rossback. As performed by Gungor.

Related to tags(s): Faithfulness (via Psalm 89:1; Mark 12:30); Mercy (via Psalm 89:1);


I Will Go

By Allen Salmon, Jon Neufeld, et al. As performed by Starfield.

Related to tags(s): Social Justice (via Mark 12:31; Mark 12:40); Poverty (via Mark 12:41);


Rock Of Ages You Will Stand

By Brenton Brown, Paul Baloche.

Related to tags(s): Love (via Mark 12:30); Faithfulness (via Psalm 89:1; Mark 12:30);


Micah 6:8

By Charlie Hall.

Related to tags(s): Justice (via Mark 12:31); Mercy (via Psalm 89:1); Witness (via Mark 12:33);


Jesus You Are Worthy

By Brenton Brown, Don Williams.

Related to tags(s): Mercy (via Psalm 89:1); Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42);


Jesus Messiah

By Chris Tomlin, Daniel Carson, et al.

Related to tags(s): Messiah (via Mark 12:36); Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42);


How Beautiful

By Twila Paris.

Related to tags(s): Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42); Love (via Mark 12:30);



By Brad Avery, David Carr, et al.

Related to tags(s): Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42); Love (via Mark 12:30);


I Will Always Love Your Name

By Paul Oakley.

Related to tags(s): Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42); Love (via Mark 12:30);



By Martin Smith.

Related to tags(s): Faithfulness (via Psalm 89:1; Mark 12:30); Love (via Mark 12:30);


There Is A Redeemer

By Melody Green-Sievright.

Related to tags(s): Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42); Messiah (via Mark 12:36);


How Deep The Father’s Love For Us

By Stuart Townend. As performed by Instrumental Worship.

Related to tags(s): Love (via Mark 12:30); Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42);


Good To Me

By Craig Musseau.

Related to tags(s): Faithfulness (via Psalm 89:1; Mark 12:30); Mercy (via Psalm 89:1);


You Never Let Go

By Beth Redman, Matt Redman.

Related to tags(s): Faithfulness (via Psalm 89:1; Mark 12:30); Love (via Mark 12:30);



By Brenton Brown, Paul Baloche.

Related to tags(s): Judgment (via Mark 12:40); Kingdom (via Psalm 89:4); Mercy (via Psalm 89:1);



By Chris Tomlin. As performed by Encounter Worship Band, Robin Mark.

Related to tags(s): Love (via Mark 12:30); Faithfulness (via Psalm 89:1; Mark 12:30);


Amazing Love

By Graham Kendrick.

Related to tags(s): Love (via Mark 12:30); Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42);


You Are Good

By Israel Houghton.

Related to tags(s): Faithfulness (via Psalm 89:1; Mark 12:30); Mercy (via Psalm 89:1);


Sweetly Broken

By Jeremy Riddle.

Related to tags(s): Justice (via Mark 12:31); Mercy (via Psalm 89:1); Love (via Mark 12:30);


You Bled

By Rend Collective Experiment.

Related to tags(s): Sacrifice (via Mark 12:33; Mark 12:42); Love (via Mark 12:30);

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RCL Resources 9/9/18

Sample bulletin from Chambers Memorial Presbyterian Church, Springfield, PA with original resources by Barb Hedges-Goettl. Bulletin cover is a quote attributed to John R.W. Stott.


SERVICE FOR THE LORD’S DAY                                           Sunday, September 9, 2018

Guest Pastor: Rev. Dr. Len Hedges-Goettl                                            





WELCOME AND ANNOUNCEMENTS                         

CALL TO WORSHIP (church’s mission statement)

As a caring community of believers, led by the Bible and the Holy Spirit,                  we serve God and our neighbors, both near and far.                                                       We gather, dedicating ourselves to worship and to follow the Lord                          with enthusiasm, integrity, and generosity of gifts and spirit.  

Come, let us worship the Lord.

*HYMN # 440 (hymns from 1993 PCUSA Hymnal Glory to God)                                                   “In Christ There is No East or West”                      Oxenham

   *CALL TO CONFESSION  James 2 notes: You do well if you really fulfill the royal law according to the scripture, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”  Yet if a brother or sister is naked and lacks daily food, and one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and eat your fill,” and you do not supply their bodily needs, what is the good of that?

Let us together confess our need for God’s forgiveness.


O God, we find it easier to talk and pray and spiritualize than to take action.                Forgive us when we forget that you have made and love all people.                                  We repent the nearsightedness that limits our ability to know of others’ needs.     We regret talking about others’ needs without including them in the conversation. We are sorry for the times when we miss people’s tangible needs, and when we ignore the human need for respect, for being heard, and for companionship.

Open our ears to hear, our arms to reach out, and our hearts to respond.



Leader: Friends believe the Good News of the Gospel:                                                          People: In Jesus Christ we are forgiven. 

 *RESPONSE 579                  *Gloria Patri 



FIRST LESSON           James 2:1-10, 14-17 (New Testament, pg.  )

Leader:  This is the Word of the Lord.  People:  Thanks be to God.



SECOND LESSON     Mark 7:24-30 (New Testament, pg. )

Leader: The Gospel of the Lord. People: Praise to You, O Christ.

SERMON               “Grace, Faith, Dogs, and Crumbs”    Rev. Len Hedges-Goettl



*HYMN # 369         “I’m Gonna Live So God Can Use Me”              I’m Gonna Live

*AFFIRMATION OF FAITH  (adapted from the inclusive language version of the PCUSA Confession of 1967) As Romans 6:4 proclaims, “We have been buried with Christ by baptism into death, so that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, so we too might walk in newness of life.” This new life of ours takes shape in a community where we know that God loves and accepts us in spite of what our sin.. Therefore we can and do accept ourselves and love others, knowing that no one has any ground on which to stand except God’s grace.  Our new life does not release us from conflict with sin. We still have to struggle with disheartening difficulties and problems. Nevertheless, as we mature in love and faithfulness in our life with Christ, we live in freedom and good cheer, and we bear witness on good days and evil days, confident that our Spirit-led new life is pleasing to God and helpful to others.

As members of the church, we are emissaries of peace and seek the good of all in cooperation with powers and authorities in politics, culture, and economics.

But we have to fight against pretensions and injustices when these same powers endanger human welfare. In all things, our strength is in our confidence that God’s purpose, rather than human schemes, will finally prevail. Thanks be to God.



* DOXOLOGY 592      “Praise God, From Whom All Blessings Flow”




“The Lord’s Prayer will be sung In Unison. Please refer to the bulletin.                             (Please leave your insert in the Hymnal Rack for future use.)

*HYMN  # 422            “God Whose Giving Knows No Ending”             Beach Spring


*PRAYER FOR THE CHURCH (expanded in scope from church’s usual prayer.)

God, we ask your blessing on your people in all times and places.                                      We ask your blessing on your Church and on Chambers Memorial Church.                     Inspire us with your vision, fill us with your love, transform us with your power.Show your grace among us, so we may proclaim with hope the good news of Jesus Christ to one another, our community, and the world.  Amen.


 POSTLUDE                                                                                                                                              *The Congregation stands












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